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Terms & Conditions

A trial flight (80) entitles you to three months membership of the club. During this time you make take a second or subsequent flight(s) for ONLY 35 per flight.

Redeem your Voucher: There are several ways to use the voucher.
After payment is complete you will be given the opportunity to book one of the available flight slots in the booking area.
Or, you can print the voucher and phone the club on your chosen day and check the availability.
We recommend you book a slot (online) as this will guarantee availability (weather depending)
Or, use it as a gift voucher.

All gliding flights are dependent on the weather. Flight lengths and heights are indicative but may vary due to local conditions. If the weather looks doubtful, you are recommended to confirm with the club before journeying to the airfield. +44 (0)2877750301

Maximum and minimum pilot sizes and weights vary from glider to glider. If you are over 6'2" or under 5' or over 16st 3Lb - 227 Lbs - 103 Kg, it is advisable to check with the club before booking.

Gliding is a safe sport but it does carry certain risks. We believe that this level of risk is acceptable and you will be asked to sign a disclaimer before flying. Approximately million glider flights take place in the UK each year

"How good was that! The freedom and the silence was fantastic." Rodney Conway - Belfast

"I felt safe, right from the start. And the views were unbelievable" PBC - Carrickfergus

"Fantastic fun, and a great bunch of people. I'll be back for sure." Peter McCleane - Wexford