glider competitons are regularly held throughout the UK and Ireland.

Organised Gliding Competitions

Organised gliding competitions are normally of two types:
Cross-Country Competitions
where pilots race to complete pre-planned 'tasks,' with set distance goals and turning points, and

Aerobatic Competitions
where pilots perform challenging maneuvers and are scored on their accuracy.

These competitions can take part on local, regional and national levels. To keep informed of upcoming competitions, check the British Gliding Association's Competition Calendar.

Online Competitions
Held on a long term basis, the main online gliding competitions are the BGA Ladder and the OLC.

With the help of route tracking software, pilots upload logger traces of their cross-country flights to compare performances, scoring points for each flight which are then tallied over the curse of a year. Champions are declared at the club, regional, and national levels.

Local Competitions
An all-Ireland Task Week is usually held in Kilrush Airfield, during August.

While gliding is a personal journey, competitions can offer motivation to sharpen one's skills and strive for excellence. They are also a great way to connect with other gliding enthusiasts around the world.

"How good was that! The freedom and the silence was fantastic." Rodney Conway - Belfast

"I felt safe, right from the start. And the views were unbelievable" PBC - Carrickfergus

"Fantastic fun, and a great bunch of people. I'll be back for sure." Peter McCleane - Wexford