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Gliding Trial Flight Vouchers

Gliding Trial Flight Vouchers are ideal for those who want to experience the thrill of gliding. You can buy one for yourself or as a gift for a friend.

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What to expect from a Trial Lesson?
In the course of your trial lesson, you will fly in a two-seat dual-control glider with an experienced instructor. Following a ground briefing and an explanation of the controls, the glider will be towed into the air by an engine-powered 'tug' plane. At an appropriate height, the instructor will release the towrope and the glider will soar using the naturally occurring lift from air currents. The instructor will explain the basics of gliding and show you how to operate the controls. You will then have the opportunity to fly the glider yourself under their careful supervision, before the instructor takes control for the landing.

Weather and cancellations
Please keep in mind that the possibility - and duration - of a glider flight depends greatly on local weather conditions. Strong winds, heavy rain, and poor visibility will lead to flight cancelations. If the weather looks doubtful on the day of your scheduled booking, it is recommended that you confirm with the club before journeying to the airfield, by phoning +44 (0)2877750301 (weekends only)

Attire, restrictions, and safety
We advise that you dress comfortably for your flight, in attire which allows for parachute straps to be secured between your legs. Non-slip, waterproof footwear is ideal for the grass airfield. Due to the ever-changeable weather, layers are always a good idea. And sunglasses are highly recommended.
Gliders are small, sporting aircraft with weight and height restrictions. If you are over 6'2" or under 5' in height, or over 16st 3Lb - 227 Lbs - 103 Kg in weight, it is advisable to check with the club before booking.
There are no age restrictions as such with a trial flight. However, for children, size considerations may apply.
If you have a health condition which you feel needs to be taken into account, please contact us to discuss it prior to your flight.
If you have a physical disability, it need not prevent you from flying. Please read about our Disabilities Programme here.
Gliding is a safe sport but it does carry certain risks. We believe that this level of risk is acceptable and you will be asked to sign a disclaimer before flying. Approximately million glider flights take place in the UK each year.

After Your Trial Lesson...
Every trial lesson includes a 3-month club membership, which entitles you to discounted flight launches and priority use of facilities. If you enjoyed your first flight and would like to explore the possibility of becoming a glider pilot, the trial membership offers a means to do this without the commitment of full membership fees. Need Help Booking?

Voucher/Booking Helpline: 07525268959

Trial Flight Rates

Standard Adult: £90
Disabled: £35
Junior & Student: £35

"How good was that! The freedom and the silence was fantastic." Rodney Conway - Belfast

"I felt safe, right from the start. And the views were unbelievable" PBC - Carrickfergus

"Fantastic fun, and a great bunch of people. I'll be back for sure." Peter McCleane - Wexford