Airfield Safety Information

Airfield Safety Information

Airfields and aircraft can pose hazards and must be treated with caution and attention at all times.

As you prepare for your visit, please keep in mind the following: -

Please obey the speed limit of 15 m.p.h. on our single-track lane. It is a communal lane and passes through a farmyard - please be considerate to the residents and watch out for poultry and other animals on the lane. Use the passing bay if necessary.

  1. Do not take private vehicles on to the air-side of our site - your insurance will exclude use on airfields and you may create a hazard.
  2. Do not venture on to the air-side of the site without being escorted or briefed by a club official or member.
  3. Do not allow any pets on to the air-side of the site during flying operations unless restrained by a short lead at all times.
  4. Do not smoke in the vicinity of the aircraft or gliders.
  5. Do not smoke in or in the vicinity of the hangar or anywhere near to the refueling facility.
  6. Do ensure that children are accompanied by and are under the control of an adult at all times when on any part of the site.

When on the air-side of the site: -

  1. Keep away from the aeroplanes whether a pilot is on board or not, be aware that propellers are dangerous at all times even when apparently stopped.
  2. You may look at the aeroplanes and gliders but do not touch them unless invited to do so.
  3. Keep away from launch cables or ropes.
  4. Do not walk in front of or near to gliders to which a launch cable is attached.
  5. If you have had a gliding lesson, stay with the instructor and the glider until advised to leave and follow the instructions given.
  6. If you need to move around the airfield you must travel via the perimeter, watch out all round for aircraft or gliders taking off or landing and be aware that aircraft may be trailing very long ropes. Do not walk across the airfield. Ask a member to escort you or to show you the way.

Do not, under any circumstances, exceed 15 miles/hr while driving on the single track lane in either direction. When passing the thatched cottage please drive more slowly and watch out for free range poultry. There is a passing place half way between the main road and the thatched cottage. Try to avoid passing vehicles traveling in the opposite direction in front of the thatched cottage or stop there as it is in effect the occupants' farmyard and front garden. Please respect their privacy. There is room to pass another vehicle at each of the right angle bends nearer the airfield entrance. At all times anticipate the problem if you see an oncoming vehicle and position yourself accordingly.

"How good was that! The freedom and the silence was fantastic." Rodney Conway - Belfast

"I felt safe, right from the start. And the views were unbelievable" PBC - Carrickfergus

"Fantastic fun, and a great bunch of people. I'll be back for sure." Peter McCleane - Wexford